Mystery plants

Mum’s got a couple of mystery plants at the end of her garden. I’ve been meaning to take photos for a while and post them here – I have tried online plant identifiers with no luck, so here they are, in the hope that someone here can help!

The first is a tall upright shrubby type. We cut it back hard when we started tidying the garden – the man who cuts Mum’s lawn says that it’s meant to have white flowers, and we cut it back too hard for it to flower this year.

30 jul 2016 (3)

General shot – it’s tall, over 6ft, and most stems are growing very straight up

30 jul 2016 (2)

Closer shot of a stem

30 jul 2016 (1)

Close-up of leaves

30 jul 2016 (4)

And a growing tip

The other one is low-growing and looks familiar to me but I can’t quite place it.

30 jul 2016 (6)

General shot

30 jul 2016 (5)

Closer in on a stem

30 jul 2016 (7)

Close up of growing tip

So if anyone’s got any ideas please do let me know!

And just so it’s not all about mystery foliage, here’s a bee on a dahlia:

30 jul 2016 (8)

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2 Responses to Mystery plants

  1. Hiya, Your first plants looks like it might be a Philadelphus, white fragrant flowers.
    Your second one is definitely a Symphoricarpos, otherwise known as a Snow Berry….. and it spreads..!!

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