Still life with tomatoes

It’s not a brilliant photo, but I couldn’t resist – the light and shade were too striking.


I showed it to J and he said “I’m bowled over by it!” He does love a pun.

We have sampled a few of the tomatoes so this isn’t the entire crop. They’re nice, not the best we’ve ever had but still better than bought ones. Mum has been a little disappointed in hers, though they’re the same variety – Shirley – and have been grown in the same compost. The only difference is the feed, Mum used Tomorite and we used EcoCharlie Tomato and Pepper Feed, though the liquids in this range don’t seem to be readily available at the moment. We bought it last year to see what it was like but had a poor crop for other reasons so didn’t really get to test it – I’ve been pleased with its performance this year, though.

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One Response to Still life with tomatoes

  1. ramblingratz says:

    It is a striking photo, looks tasty too šŸ™‚

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