We have a visitor

It’s been an interesting few weeks! For the last few weekends we have been trying to get out into the garden and do some tidying up, and failing for assorted reasons. Today we finally managed it, with a little help from my mum’s dog, Benji.


Benji, the Wonder Dog.

Benji is visiting us at the moment. Mum managed to fall over a couple of weeks ago, cracking her hip in the process, which thankfully isn’t a bad break but is tricky because there’s not really anything to do other than give pain relief and get the patient mobile again. So for a few days she was in hospital, then for a week in a care home until a place came free in a rehabilitation unit, and that’s where she is now. And Benji has been staying with us. Both the care home and the rehab unit allow doggie visitors so they see each other regularly.

He has settled well, though he doesn’t like our garden as much as Mum’s (he says there’s not enough grass). He does like to sit at the back door and look out at it, though.


“This is my garden now.”

And he found himself a convenient spot to sit and keep an eye on me while I pottered about.


“You’ve missed a bit.”

Really we just cleared up some of the dead leaves and cut back the things that had gone over. Some plants are still doing well and flowering away so we’re leaving them for now.


Respectable, on the whole.


Virginia creeper being colourful.


Hardy fuschia doing its thing.


Verbena still flowering happily.

We found some odd interlopers that have self-sown from somewhere – annual lobelia, and what looks like a snapdragon:


We’ll worry about the front garden another time.

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5 Responses to We have a visitor

  1. ramblingratz says:

    The garden looks great and Benji is a very cute addition. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your mum.

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