Starting to make plans

The milder weather is beginning to tempt us out of doors (well, it’s tempting me. J has a new toy – a wallpaper stripper – and is busy playing with it in the rat room). Mum has started planning new bits of her lawn to cut out, to make more room for plants, and this afternoon we will all be sitting down with plant catalogues and deciding what to order. One of the catalogues has an interesting rudbeckia – hardy, bred by crossing hardy and annual varieties so it produces more flowers, like the annuals, but lasts for several years. So we’re thinking of giving that a go. We’re also interested in ground cover, astilbes, and maybe some monarda to tempt more insect life in. And we have to order tomatoes, of course.

On Friday I took Mum to the garden centre and they had some veg trugs – some very pricey wooden ones, but also much cheaper black plastic ones which were a good size and could house a lot of lettuce (for example). Maybe not a thing for this year, but I might get one or two for next year and grow some salad veg. Or I might just decide to go for it this year anyway.

This morning I ventured out with the camera. The snowdrops are coming along nicely:


As are the hellebores:


And the primroses:


Pulmonaria is starting to flower:


And we have a lot of buds on the quince:


I stood at the back door with the camera for a while hoping to get some photos of birds on the feeder but they are being unco-operative. I got one starling:


Better than nothing, I suppose.

Edit: We went to Mum’s this afternoon, and her snowdrops are further along than ours:


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2 Responses to Starting to make plans

  1. ramblingratz says:

    Your hellebore is gorgeous 🙂

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