Early birthday present, and some macros

This morning I’ve been to the garden centre with Mum (and Benji the Wonder Dog) as we wanted to get a few things – mainly my birthday present, two months early, for reasons which will become clear. If any of you know me in real life you’ll know that this year is one of those big ones with a zero on the end, and Mum wanted to get me something for the garden. So she bought these:


Which I know you’ll instantly recognise as veg-growing trugs. I’ve wanted to grow a few bits of veg for a while but don’t really trust the soil here, due to the cat problem – which is better than it was, but still not completely cured – so when we saw these (and also some self-assembly wooden ones, but they are rather bigger than I wanted) it seemed like a good idea. So I also bought myself a tray of beetroot seedlings, because I love beetroot, and you can eat the leaves too. I’ve got the day off on Friday so will probably get one of them planted up then. The other will be for radishes and cut-and-come-again lettuce, I think. I also bought a couple of little strawberry plants which will tuck into a corner.

We wanted to get them early for a couple of reasons – partly because I suspect by the time my actual birthday rolls around they won’t have them in the shops, and partly because I wanted to be able to get at least one of them planted up.

Back at Mum’s we had a lot of plants to sort out – she had ordered a lot and most were delivered this week, so I also came home with some nerine and lily bulbs, some monarda, a poppy and some cascading begonias which were a freebie.

Once I got home and stowed the trugs safely I decided to take a few pictures with the macro converter as things are looking photograph-able now. Though I did get sidetracked pulling up sycamore seedlings first – it’s going to be one of those years, clearly!






Flowering currant without the macro converter…


… and close up, with the macro converter.


Inside a single hellebore


Inside a double hellebore


Skimmia buds

So the next big task will be removing sycamore seedlings… any volunteers?


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3 Responses to Early birthday present, and some macros

  1. ramblingratz says:

    I have enough trouble pulling up birch seedlings from the paths thanks! The macro converter is working well, the snowdrop photo is fab. I hope the veg growing goes well, being able to eat after all your hard work will be very rewarding 🙂

    • ownedbyrats says:

      It’ll be nice to have a home-grown salad, certainly! We have done the lettuces before – usually lollo rosso as it’s easy to grow and looks pretty. I’ll have to come up with something to protect the trugs from pigeons, though. Possibly cds on a string, or some of those toy windmills.

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