A bit of work in Mum’s garden

Mum has, of course, been overdoing things in the garden this week. There were things she’d asked us to help with (mainly getting plants out of large pots and into the ground) that she took it upon herself to do without our assistance. She has been told off 😉

She did need our help to get the usable compost out of the bin and onto the garden, though, so we went over and did that this afternoon. Very breezy again, but sunnier than yesterday so a bit more pleasant to be out in. Though Benji wasn’t very impressed.


“Must we be outside in this wind? It’s ruining my hairdo.”

Mum’s garden is a lot neater than ours, and the raised beds by the patio are looking lovely. She now has some trellis on the garage for the jasmine and clematis to grow up, plus a bit on the fence where she’s intending to have a climbing rose.




She was very keen for me to take a photo of this narcissus – five flower heads on a single stem, isn’t it pretty?


My eye was caught by the flowering currant at the top of the garden – a pink one, very striking next to the yellow of a forsythia. So I took a couple of pictures with different focus to see which effect I preferred.


When we got home I realised I hadn’t taken a general photo of our garden yesterday, so here it is:


Not as neat as Mum’s, but not too bad for March.

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2 Responses to A bit of work in Mum’s garden

  1. ramblingratz says:

    It’s a mum thing! Both gardens are looking fabulous 🙂

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