A good morning

This morning I spent a couple of hours doing some bits and pieces – there were lots more things I could have done but having had a very nasty cold in the week (one of those that spends a couple of days kicking you very hard) my energy levels are still a bit low. So the few immediate priorities were dealt with and everything else will have to wait.

The first thing was veg trug number 2. Yes, I remember saying it was going to wait a bit, but things happened. Specifically, yesterday I had a day off work and took Mum to the garden centre. There were trays of salad veg. I have no willpower. £3.99 each or 4 for £14… so Mum had a tray of mixed salad leaves, and I had one each of Cosmic cut & come again lettuce, Lollo Rosso  and radishes. There are some radishes left over so I’ll see if Mum wants them.


Didn’t think I could fit them both in the greenhouse, but apparently I can. Only till we need the space for tomatoes, though.

The other priorities were the new plants that arrived yesterday – I only ordered them last weekend so was quite impressed. These were astilbes and dianthus deltoides, which will (I hope) go some way to addressing some of our problem areas. The astilbes are a bit of a gamble as technically we should be too dry for them but we do have a couple of areas which always seem to be damp and mossy so it seemed a risk worth taking; most of them have gone in the front garden, near the house, and just a few in the back. The dianthus are a low-growing evergreen and like shady areas, so I’m hoping they’ll provide some extra ground cover.

Of course there are the obligatory photos of what’s doing well today. It’s starting to look colourful, after weeks of various greens and yellows and just the odd bit of something else.




Hyacinth – we didn’t plant this, it just pops up every spring.


Yes, the hellebores again. They are just so lovely this year.




Not a great pic but the honeysuckle which we moved last year – after a shaky start it seems to be settling in well.


A shy vinca starting to flower.


New foliage on a cornus.


Photinia – both are covered in new growth.


Flower spikes starting to emerge on heuchera.


Snake’s head fritillary – so pleased to have these, after years of wanting them, and pleased that they seem to be doing well.


Wood anemone – badly composed photo, but aren’t the colours gorgeous?

Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine today!

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3 Responses to A good morning

  1. ramblingratz says:

    Those fritillaries and anemonies are gorgeous :0

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