A quick trim

I’ve spent a couple of hours in the garden this afternoon having a tidy up – quite a few things needed chopping back and there was some weeding to do as well. Actually there’s still weeding to do but after a couple of hours I’d had enough – you know how it is! I also did a bit of moving stuff around at the bottom of the garden. The dicentra has gone over so I cut it back and it emphasised the fact that we had a big gap in that far bed. There was a primrose but it was looking almost dead, and several shrubby things all crowded together. So I dug up the primrose and checked its roots, and as they looked ok I decided to give it another chance and put it somewhere a bit less overcrowded. Then I moved a berberis into the gap – in the process I dug up the snake’s head fritillary bulbs and had to rebury them, so fingers crossed that they return next spring.

I did a bit of tidying at the front too but it’s not looking terribly photogenic out there just now. The salvias are doing well but I’m having a vague feeling of dissatisfaction with the front – all I can see are things I would do differently if I had the option to start over again. It’ll pass.

On to today’s photos – one general, and a few closeups of nice things.


So we’ve lost a lot of the pink lychnis as I gave it a fairly merciless chop back. Some of the plants are a few years old now so this may be their last year, they don’t last forever, but we’ve got plenty of newer ones coming up.

Flowering now:


This is the clary “Blue Denim” that I grew from seed. It’s a little hard to get a good picture because of the length of the stem. I was expecting the purple modified leaves on the top, but not the little purple and white flowers down the sides – very pretty.


Penstemon “Flamingo” looking very striking.


Catananche, continuing to do well.


Dianthus – one of the ones we got from a catalogue, not sure which one but it might be “Gran’s Favourite”.


The fuschia, none the worse for being moved to a new spot a few weeks ago!


These rudbeckias are a new hybrid – perennial, but with flowers more like the annual varieties. We’ll see how they do.


And the schizanthus, continuing to look lovely.

I’ve got a couple of salvia cuttings doing well in the greenhouse and also a couple of artemisia cuttings. In the next week or so I want to get some seed & cutting compost and have another go at ceanothus cuttings, plus there’s a lot of self-sown lychnis and aquilegia in the front garden that need lifting and encouraging to grow somewhere more suitable.

We’re picking raspberries most days, gooseberries are getting there and blackberries starting to look very promising so I’m keeping them well watered. Tomatoes have flowers (though not very many, yet) and I noticed today that there is one fruit set on the “Nimbus” – it’s very, very small at the moment!

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