Rain stopped play

Not that I’m complaining about the rain – we needed it! But after the overnight downpours I had hoped to have enough time to achieve a few things in the garden, especially as I was tempted by reduced plants at Morrison’s this morning (an aquilegia and a geum, since you ask).

In the end I managed to weed and do a bit of deadheading at the front, and transferred some self-seeded things into pots  – mostly lychnis, plus several alchemilla, one aquilegia, and to my surprise, a lavender. By the time I’d done all that it was raining, so I did a perfunctory bit of weeding and deadheading at the back, and stripped some of the foliage off the tomato plants, and called it a day. The new aquilegia and geum didn’t get in the ground but I’m hoping to manage it tomorrow.

Our tomatoes are a bit of a mystery. Mum bought them as plug plants from a catalogue and ordered three each of Gardener’s Delight and Nimbus. Nimbus is a new variety but the fruit appearing now looks the right size and type so I’m happy Nimbus is what we got. The Gardener’s Delight is another matter entirely, though. It’s meant to be a cherry variety – we’ve grown it before – but last weekend when the fruit started to appear I was surprised to see it developing a distinctly elongated shape. I mentioned it to Mum and she has noticed the same with hers. So instead of Gardener’s Delight we have an unknown variety of plum tomato. Not that I mind, but it would have been nice to know!

A quick photo from yesterday morning – the monarda which I bought as plugs are starting to flower. The purple one is lovely and you can just see the red one peeping through in the bottom left corner:

monarda 21 jul 2017

On the fruit front, the raspberries are just about over, gooseberries are still going strong, and I have picked the first few blackberries, with many more on the bush (if the birds don’t get them). And speaking of birds, the goldfinches continue to visit regularly, and last weekend we heard a distinctive tapping sound and saw two song thrushes industriously tapping snail shells on the patio. We could do with a few more!

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3 Responses to Rain stopped play

  1. Glad to hear your gooseberries are doing well, mine have completely died and I have absolutely no idea why??! Ahh the joys of gardening hey?!

    Love the purple Monarda – very pretty!

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