Just a light dusting

The snow that seems to have wrought havoc to the north and south of us has not caused too much trouble in our immediate neighbourhood, but there is meant to be more on the way. At 5.30 this afternoon, when I got in from work, the light was strange and beguiling and the garden looked slightly unreal, so a wander with the camera was in order.


The sky was all sorts of colours and the moon was just visible through the bare branches of the lime tree.


A few things are holding their own against the snow and the Siberian air.




Primrose – just hanging on


Flowering quince

And I had to have a last photo of the sky, and the moon, and the lime tree…


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Fame at last!

A few weeks ago I sent an email and a couple of photos (before and after) of our garden to Amateur Gardening magazine – you may have spotted its influence in the URL for my blog, which is gardeningamateur. We used to read it when we first started gardening, and in the last couple of years have started again as Mum has it delivered and we usually have her copy when she’s finished with it.

Well, it seems they liked my contribution – it’s the Star Letter in this week’s issue (dated 24th Feb if you feel the need to rush out and buy it!) and here it is:

star letter amateur gardening

There’s nothing quite like seeing your name in print, is there?!

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A photo a week – week 40

Only twelve weeks left to go! Three quarters (and a bit) through the photo challenge. I’m enjoying having a little library of photos to flick through and see how the garden changes with the seasons. It would probably be remiss of me not to do a bit of a retrospective this week, but first of all, here’s this week’s photo:


(A slightly wonky angle because my first attempt, looking straight down the garden, resulted in an enormous lens flare from the sun.)

Anyway, this is how it’s gone since last May.

Week 1:


28th May 2017

Week 13:


20th August 2017

Week 26:


19th Nov 2017

And Week 39, when I should really have been doing this but forgot:


18th Feb 2018

The next milestone will be Week 52 of course, which by my calculations will be 20th May. Once they’re all done I’ll put up a post with the most representative for each month.

It’s very cold here and set to get colder so there won’t be much going on in the garden apart from refilling the bird feeder. But Mum and I are planning a trip to the garden centre next Friday so anything could happen…

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A photo a week – week 39


There’s a bit of fog hanging about today so it looks rather bleak. A few more weeks and we should have daffodils dotted about, and flowers on the forsythia and the flowering currant.

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Crocuses, crocuses everywhere

For some reason the ones at the back are a bit further along than the ones at the front. I’m very taken with these:


And these are the variety “Firefly” which I bought in the autumn and put in a nice shallow dish:


Lovely colour.

We have some yellow ones too – in a pot:


and in the ground:


And just so you don’t think it’s all about the crocuses, there’s the snowdrops:


and hellebores, of which this is probably my current favourite:


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There’s stuff happening in the front garden too

I do have a tendency to forget about the front garden, or to think it’s less interesting than the back. It is smaller, of course, and less labour intensive, and at this time of year it’s not very inspiring in terms of colour. We have lots of evergreens, but it can be a bit dull around now. So I was pleased to see the hellebore has some flowers (the photos aren’t great, I was using my phone and couldn’t see anything on the screen because of the light):

17 feb 2018 (1)17 feb 2018 (2)

This is the hellebore that Mum had for years in a pot and it never flowered, so eventually she gave it to us and we put it in a corner of the front garden and ignored it. Mostly I forget it’s even there till it does something, which is awful of me.

Also putting in a welcome appearance are the crocuses, one of the few things that were already in the front garden when we moved in. They’ve been shunted around a fair bit as the design of the garden has changed but they’re pretty tolerant and keep coming back, not to mention spreading!

17 feb 2018 (3)

Lots more crocuses in the back garden, and they are really starting to show off. More later when I’ve had chance to process the photos.

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A photo a week – week 38


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